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Cedar Tree Barn is the largest indoor space on the property at 3300 square feet. The barn features a concrete floor, two handicap accessible bathrooms, and a small kitchenette. Exposed trusses add to the rustic ambiance. The east and west ends of the barn feature large traditional barn doors. The doors on the west end welcome guests to the barn from the parking area and those on the east end open up to an outdoor ceremony or reception area. Dining and dancing both fit here. Options are available for ceremonies inside the barn or in the outdoor ceremony area. The barn features a covered deck along the entire north side with double door entry from the deck into the barn. The deck also winds around the east side of the barn with access to the ceremony area. Tables and chairs are provided to seat 200.


Outdoor Ceremony Area
The east end of Cedar Tree Barn features a grass area that can serve as reception or ceremony area. Native trees provide a perfect backdrop for the ceremony spot with a wooden fence surrounding the perimeter on the east and north side.

Rental of Cedar Tree Barn reserves the barn, outdoor ceremony area, and yard area. Ideas for set up in these areas will be shared with clients but Cedar Tree Barn is always open to new set up arrangements.

Dressing Quarters

There are two separate dressing quarters on the grounds of Cedar Tree Barn for bridal parties to use during their event.

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